Life Changers, Inc.

Parenting Classes

Our Parenting Education Program provides opportunities for parents to learn effective parenting skills that will improve family relationships and encourage their children to lead fulfilling and productive lives. We also help families with schoolchildren to prevent or reduce incidents of school suspension, truancy and expulsion.

Parents will be offered home visits to be provided during the eight-week Parenting Education Series. Home visits provide parents with additional support and individualized help.

The Parenting Education Program offers four curricula designed for parents with children ages 0-3, ages 4-7, ages 7-12, and ages 12-16. The series is presented in two-hour sessions for a period of eight weeks or ten weeks for the 0-3 curriculum. Each session provides the parents with a chance to practice new skills.

Topics that are covered include but are not limited to:

Portrait of a beautiful family

On-going support groups, facilitated by program alumni, extend the support after the program

Certificates of Completion to be provided