Life Changers, Inc.

Drugs & Alcohol Evaluations for Non-DUI Cases

Life Changers, Inc. offers court ordered and voluntary Non-DUl or Relapse Prevention classes. These classes meet once a week and are directed towards people who have been convicted of an alcohol or drug charge or have a substance abuse issue. This does not include a driving under the influence charge. Non-DUl or Relapse Prevention groups deal with specific relapse potentials, positive vs. negative behaviors, self-esteem, past and present family issues and behavioral change tools. Additional topics will be addressed depending on individual and group needs.

Services include:

DUI & Non-DUI Curriculum

Week 1Orientation
Group Overview - Expectations
Alcohol and Other Drugs - What Do You Know?
Physiological and pharmacological effects of alcohol and other drugs
Drugs (Legal)
Drugs (Illegal
Week 2Group Processing
Physiological and pharmacological effects of alcohol and other drugs
Drugs (Legal)
Drugs (Illegal)
Patterns of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Risk Factors
Week 3Group Processing
Triggers for Alcohol and Drag Usage
Personal and Environmental Risks Effects on self, family and community
Alcohol Addiction and Recovery Stages of Change
Week 4Illinois DUI Facts
Impaired Driving
Driving Under the Influence
Residual Impairment on Normal Driving
Profile of an Illinois Drunk Driver
Alcohol Accidents and Statistics
Week 5Illinois DUI Facts
Blood Alcohol Concentration
Alcohol Effects at Different BAC Levels
DUI Public Risk
Homework: Risk to Re-Offend?
Week 6Alcohol Addiction and Recovery
Recovery, Support and After Care Services.
Maintaining Recovery Behavior
Array of Services
Week 7Illinois DUI Facts
DUI Public Risk
Triggers for Alcohol and Drug Usage
Personal and Public Risk
Group Processing
Homework - Strengths/Weaknesses
Week 8Group Processing
Patterns/triggers of Alcohol and Drug Abuse/Risk Factors
Developing Coping Skills
Group Processing
Lifestyle Change and Aftercare Planning
Week 9Risk Factos and Patterns of Alcohol and Drug Usage
Effects on self, family, and community
Environmental Stressors Excuses/sabotaging success
Unhealthy Relationships
Developing Effective Coping Skills
Week 10Recovery, Support and After Care Services.
Stages of Change
Array of Services

Aftercare services are based on individual needs