Life Changers, Inc.

Mental Health Evaluations & Counseling

There are many things a in a person's life that may cause stress or a disruption in their routines and without seeking help their situation may become worse. These situations may include interpersonal relationship issues; excessive worry or feeling on edge; a loss of a loved one, divorce or separation; financial difficulties or unemployment; depression; child or adolescent behavioral or discipline issues; recent discharge from an inpatient behavioral health facility; difficulties managing anger; and many other reasons.

While traditional therapy and counseling often include talking through issues and looking at root causes of the difficulties people are facing, Life Changers, Inc. therapists and staff offer Solution Focused Brief Therapy as an alternative choice. Solution Focused Brief Therapy looks more towards solutions. With Solution Focused Brief Therapy, therapists show people that they can learn new skills, and use those skills now and in the future to better cope with, and move beyond, the problems they face in their lives. Ideally, treatment should last about 8-12 sessions and at the end people will KNOW what they learned in the course of treatment.

Our clinicians work with you to develop treatment goals. Their continued support and guidance help you to achieve those goals and improve your outlook. Our goal is to create a partnership, where each individual receives the support they need to overcome life's obstacles and achieve lasting success.

The Life Changers Inc. offers a full spectrum of mental health services for adults, teens, and children including:

Treatment Services are provided by clinicians from a variety of disciplines including Social Workers, Psychotherapist, Addiction Counseling, Pastoral Counselors and Nurses (with counseling backgrounds).